October 15, 2011

Fox News Does not air its own coverage of Occupy Wall Street events

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How is this for Fair and Balanced Coverage:
Thus far Fox's only pieces on Occupy Wall Street have been poorly developed hit jobs like this [Clip] one from Bill O'Reilly, in which a producer makes fun of ill-informed children. But when Greta van Sustern attempted a similar stunt later last week, her producer got far more than he bargained for in Jesse LaGreca, one of the more outspoken Wall Street occupiers. LaGreca, who is far from a hippy-dippy rambler, puts van Sustern's producer on his heels immediately, unleashing a blistering assault on Fox News before delivering a well articulated explanation of why he's protesting. In the end the Fox News producer is forced to admit, "Fair enough. You have voiced an important reason to criticize myself and my company." For some reason, Greta van Sustern chose to never air the LaGreca interview.


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